About Bebob...

"Bebob" is based in Thailand on a small island in the Southeast.
The man behind the brand also run a Reggae bar.

He has many years of experience making bags, wallets etc.
in many different styles and shapes.

`°º¤ø„ ¸„ø¤º°¨'
¸„ø¤º°☮ ♥`°º¤ø„

Peace, Love & Happiness....

How to order...

To place an order you can:

A. Start with sending us an email with pictures
    of a certain style, messurements and tell us what colour you like
    and if you want leather or mocca etc...

B. You can also look at the pictures of already made bags
    in the blog and tell me wich one you like and we make
    one for you, but you can still choose colour ;)

Then we make your wishes into a real life product..;)

(Prices we set according to how big the bag is, how long
it take to make, detailes and material..)

To: Bebob_@hotmail.com

*And we be happy to help you!* :)


Maybe you like something like this......




Tell us what you want and we make it happen......;)

As per picture, very cute little handbags, Up 2 you..

Making the Bags...


Every Bag is handmade and "one of a kind". So you can be sure to
be the only one who have your particular bag. ;)

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