This morning Mr Creative woke up early, he had an idéa....;)

*Beautiful blue stones...

Busy, busy.....;)

*We are happy that so many people order!! ;) Khorp khun kha!!

Who said bags was just for girls....?

*Todays happy customer Jukke, he got a Iphone bag..;)

How do you like your bag to look?? ;)

Tell us and we make it...

*Some of todays work....

Have a good day!! :)

WoW 3 new orders, we are happy to be back on track....;)

*More update later....;)

This beautiful piece is Man's latest creation....

*Gorgeous supersoft white buffalo skin....

MORE TO COME......;)

WOW.. Today we finally got all our materials delivered!! :)

And the colors of the skin is amazing....

So ladies now is the time to place your orders!! ;)

First in line is offcourse:

Amanda Jeppsen
Emilia Tingström
Karin Råberg
Yvonne Heu

(*Thank you so much for waiting so patiently, and u will get 1 free matching wallet!:)


              NEW MATERIALS ETC. ;)


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